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A Colliers-led team worked with the Zoo in 20 to produce the Natural Vision concept – a long-term project to develop the Zoo’s 150-hectare site into a world-class wildlife attraction with themed zones and rides, capable of attracting visitors from a much wider area than at present.Further work by Colliers in 2006 examined the commercial viability of the scheme and was instrumental in securing support from the Northwest Regional Development Agency for the next stages of work.

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The effort is intended to ''bring a heightened awareness to the public of the conservation and educational work that zoos and aquariums do and hopefully increase revenue to support the work that goes on,'' said Ted Beattie, president at the association, whose 6,000 professional members range from directors to animal caretakers.'' The more we can do to bring the whole idea of zoos and aquariums to the general public, the more they will visit their local institutions or other zoos and aquariums when they're traveling,'' said Mr.

Beattie, who is also president and chief executive at the John G. Starting today with an introductory news conference at the Shedd Aquarium, the association, which was founded 77 years ago, is promoting one brand image with former Senator Bill Bradley as spokesman; Aza (pronounced AY-za), an animated animal-like character as ''spokescritter''; and an interactive Web site.

The national campaign does not mean that the association's zoos and aquariums will relinquish their individual marketing efforts.

On Monday, the New Jersey State Aquarium in Camden, N.

Aza was created by Kermit Love, creator of Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters. Intended for children 6 to 13 around the world (it is translated into more than 10 languages), the poll requires personal information like age and home state or country and then asks about perception of the natural world.

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Combining several animals, Aza has the legs of an elephant, scales of a lizard and bill of a duck. He has animated friends like Skye, a fictional African-American girl.'' A. A.'s core target is young children who have not yet formed all their habits,'' said Jeffrey Moritz, chief operating officer at Proprietary Media. One question asks: '' How do you learn things about wildlife?'' It's really important that we reach the children with this messaging while they're accessible so they can bring that value with them as they move onto other experiences,'' Mr. '' By about 8 or 9, the child is off to the world of malls, interactive computer games and MTV.'' To that end, the Web site -- '' For each of six different methods: TV, school, parents, zoos and aquariums, reading or the Internet, children can choose yes, don't know or no.Plans call for the results, which Proprietary Media hopes will be completed by hundreds of thousands of children, to be used to help position the association and its member institutions.You will want to make note of the following: All of this is important information when you are thinking about how to start a petting zoo business.You also want to figure out a new or different angle to bring to the public so that your business stands out from other petting zoos.The 1st new zone of development is due to open in 2014 at a cost of £30m.MORE than 130 million visitors each year pass through the gates of the 196 North American zoos and aquariums accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, but few have probably heard of the group or of A. At the same time, it is capitalizing on an audience that rivals those of major sporting events in terms of sheer magnitude.The concept and its varied approaches were developed by Proprietary Media in New York.In addition to public appearances and public service announcements, programs and activities, Mr.J., began a television, outdoor, radio and print campaign with the title, '' Keep them wondering.'' That campaign, with spending estimated at million was created by the Brownstein Group in Philadelphia and focuses on children's curiosity while visiting a zoo or aquarium.David Fuller, client service director at Brownstein, swam in the aquarium's shark tank to come up with its focus.


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