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Plenty of people, like Franz Ferdinand, made history without progressing the human race.This thesis isn’t specific and doesn’t give you a clear idea of what the author will be saying next.In 2016, AP English Language test takers were asked to argue either for, or against, the idea that disobedience is the virtue through which progress is possible.

To score an 8 on the AP English Argument FRQ question, the College Board outlines that students need to write an essay that effectively argues a position, uses appropriate and convincing evidence, and showcases a wide range of the elements of writing.

Essays that score a 9 do all of that and, additionally, demonstrate sophistication in their argument.

This thesis breaks down a) that the author is claiming to agree with Wilde, b) that the author will support that claim with examples from the American Revolution, and c) that the author will continually return to the idea that only deviance from the norm can change the norm. It says that disobedience is good but doesn’t mention Wilde.

It alludes to the idea that disobedient men and women made history but doesn’t mention progress.

To construct an essay like that, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are being asked, to not waffle, to spend time and care with your thesis and outline, and to support every claim you make.

The AP English argument FRQ is the most straightforward of the AP English FRQs because it is the most like essays you are already used to writing.

The second point, that making connections is a type of thinking that can be taught, cannot be proven until the first point has been sufficiently supported.

And the final point, that this is a skill that is best taught in school, cannot be made without the other two.

An essay that does all of that is an essay that is well constructed.

Such an essay needs a solid framework and excellent support.


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