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No fonts, no bold, no italics — just you and your words.

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— Robin Sloan has a collaborator on his new novel: a computer. Maybe, maybe not.”He moves on: His software is not labeled anything as grand as artificial intelligence. But while he has no urge to commercialize the software, he is intrigued by the possibilities.

The idea that a novelist is someone struggling alone in a room, equipped with nothing more than determination and inspiration, could soon be obsolete. Sloan is writing his book with the help of home-brewed software that finishes his sentences with the push of a tab key. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore,” composes by writing snippets of text, which he sends to himself as messages and then works over into longer passages. It’s machine learning, facilitating and extending his own words, his own imagination. Megasellers like John Grisham and Stephen King could relatively easily market programs that used their many published works to assist fans in producing authorized imitations.

Best-selling author Joe Hill wrote this on Tumblr: “I know nobody is going see my longhand draft but me.

That’s a free pass to suck.” Pen and paper grant you the freedom to push forward and finish.

And once you start writing longhand, you’ll be surprised how many words you can scribble.

With 41 states no longer teaching cursive, handwriting is becoming a lost art.Handwriting allows you to set aside typed page count and concentrate on what’s important: words and story.Stephen King has reported writing with “the world’s finest word processor, a Waterman cartridge fountain pen.” By slowing down, writers may write more scenes that matter with less conscious effort at style.It’s probably too early to add “novelist” to the long list of jobs that artificial intelligence will eliminate. Sloan at work, it is quickly clear that programming is on the verge of redefining creativity. His new novel, which is still untitled, is set in a near-future California where nature is resurgent. The computer makes a noise like “pock,” analyzes the last few sentences, and adds the phrase “by the bare sky.”Mr. At one level, it merely helps him do what fledgling writers have always done — immerse themselves in the works of those they want to emulate. French and his Mac eight years to finish the tale — he reckoned he could have done it by himself in one. He acquired from the Internet Archive a database of texts: issues of Galaxy and If, two popular science fiction magazines in the 1950s and ’60s. Sloan probably will not use his computer collaborator as a selling point for the finished book. As for the more distant prospects, another San Francisco Bay Area science fiction writer long ago anticipated a time when novelists would turn over the composing to computerized “wordmills.” In Fritz Leiber’s “The Silver Eggheads,” published in 1961, the human “novelists” spend their time polishing the machines and their reputations.The other day, the writer made this note: “The bison are back. Hunter Thompson, for instance, strived to write in the style of F. French wrote thousands of computer-coded rules suggesting how certain character types derived from Ms. “Just This Once” was commercially published, a significant achievement in itself, although it did not join Ms. After trial and error, the program came up with a sentence that impressed him: “The slow-sweeping tug moved across the emerald harbor.”“It was a line that made you say, ‘Tell me more,’” Mr. Those original magazines were too limiting, however, full of clichés and stereotypes. Sloan augmented the pool with what he calls “The California Corpus,” which includes the digital text of novels by John Steinbeck, Dashiell Hammett, Joan Didion, Philip K. When they try to rebel and crush the wordmills, they find they have forgotten how to write. Sloan has finished his paragraph:“The bison were lined up fifty miles long, not in the cool sunlight, gathered around the canyon by the bare sky.I admit I’m weak and easily seduced by the Internet.Shutting down every Web-entangled gizmo – computers, cell phones, tablets – scotches the temptation to check emails or Facebook.Writing goals keep you focused, on track, and make sure you can hit your daily word count.Writer also keeps track of your writing history and can chart how many words you've written over time, when you're most productive, and keep track of streaks. Create a new account and start writing immediately with no credit card required.Never worry about losing your novel just because you lost your computer.Writer has built-in exporters for Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Word Press, and more.


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