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Social class was better defined by Max Weber to include power and prestige as well as wealth and property.

People who run businesses but do not own them are still able to increase production and enjoy greater profits.

Unfortunately it was thought that the workers fail to realize they were being exploited.

It was Marx who believed that a revolution was on the horizon especially given the fact that the rich continue to grow richer by exploiting the lower class. Society began to modernize and the working class acquired more education and specific job skills which allowed them to achieve financial success which was not feasible during the time of Karl Marx.

In all societies, social relations are definitely and very largely influenced, rather determined by the nature of social stratification.

That is why every study of social relations essential demands a study of social stratification.

Today sociologists consider social class to be the grouping together of individuals or groups of people who have similar levels of power, wealth, and prestige.

It was the contribution of Max Weber to expound upon the ideas presented by Karl Marx which led to the modern understanding of social stratification and the manner in which Western societies divide individuals socially into different strata.

Social stratification characterises each society and it has been a universally present feature of all human societies.

However, the nature and basis of social stratification differs from society to society.


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