Working With Disabled Children Courses

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This is particularly true of young men, who find themselves in a culture that does not value care giving as a sufficiently masculine trait.Their decision to defy custom is more difficult than for young women, while their feeling of satisfaction at the end of the summer is just as great.They often hone their English skills by watching American TV, but there are few TV personalities with speech defects.

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Resumes which reveal a social interest in the well-being of others are well received by prospective employers.

It speaks to the issue of values and often allows the interviewer to see beyond grade point averages and test scores.

Elevating the status of someone who works with a child with special needs to that of a saint is a not-so-subtle way of saying that the work is so challenging that it requires extra human effort.

At the same time, it establishes the justification for not even considering such work.

It is often said by people who mean well that working with children with special needs “requires the patience of a saint.” Not true.

Working With Disabled Children Courses

What it does require is human compassion — something more of us have than we seem ready to acknowledge.

It thrives on the ability to imagine oneself in the situation of another and to ask some very profound questions about life’s vagaries. It is the growth in sensitivity and the wisdom that emerges from it that will eventually provide you with the biggest reward. Will you be able to sleep in a non-heated, non-air-conditioned cabin or tent? You will be reaching out to children who are often isolated from mainstream society and trying to help them have a wonderful summer camp experience.

You are taking a risk when you make the decision to work at any sleep-away camp for the summer, particularly if you have not grown up as a camper in that camp and do not know its physical surroundings or unique culture from first-hand experience. Different risks for international staff International staff members face those risks as well and more.

Words are not always the only or even the best way to convey feelings of joy, sadness, fear, contentment, anger, and love. A child’s tear is a tear in all languages, and the comforting that stems its flow is universal.

In time, the “language thing” disappears as an obstacle to understanding. In spite of the difficulties, most who make the decision to work at a sleep-away camp negotiate the minefield of risks and adjust to their surroundings with great courage and grace.


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