Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay-45
The average in-state tuition at the university is just over ,000 a year, yet the average athletic scholarship is ,856 for male athletes.

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Speaking of jobs, since college athletes are spending so much time on the field or court and in the classroom, they don’t have the time to actually work, so many of them have a difficult time making ends meet.

This information certainly supports the fact that college athletes should be paid, but there is a lot more to the debate than this.

First, some people believe that these people should all be paid based on an open market system.

This would allow supply and demand to come into play, and a school would be able to pay an individual player based on the revenue that comes in due to their talents.

This is the heart of the game in college, and doing it for any other reason, such as money, lessons the dreams of those who want to be in the same position.

When the topic of paying college athletes comes up, there are two trains of thought.

Collegiate sports are big money makers, at least that’s what most people think, right?

The truth is, the only collegiate sports that really make anything for the colleges are football and basketball, and only the top championship teams really bring in money for their schools.

What if a school pays a player a high wage, and they end up getting hurt?

There is also the fact that not every college could afford the players they want to recruit.


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