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The Vietnamese use fresh ingredients, lots of herbs and vegetables, and keep dairy and oil products to a minimum in their food.

We’re pretty sure that there’s more to Vietnamese cuisine than these 3 common dishes.

Hit and misses is our conclusion for the new creation at Ding Dong.

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Next 2 dishes are improvised from the crowd flavour Cze Char dishes.

The crispy Stuffed You Tiao () is now with Otah Otah and Kaffir Lime Mayonnaise.The menu itself was designed by Shang Palace's Chef Steven Ng and reviewed by the winemakers as well. Service staff were very attentive even with the crowd - explaining and introducing the wines and dishes as they were served. Full review with photos at https:// My first visit to Ding Dong was when it was at its previous premise, Ann Siang Hill whereby it spanned across 3 stories. Therefore this Ding Dong revisit is a first since their relocation to Amoy Street.The eclectic theme still exists with some funkiness.I noticed some traditional accessory, in particular the Laughing Buddha as an ornament was among the background of the retro poster.While the cuisine offered at Ding Dong, likewise, remains as Modern Asian. First is a popular Peranakan snack, Kuih Pie Tee () improvised at Ding Dong with a crown of Spicy Singapore Chili Crab to give that lavish touch.Remember to dip it with Jaew Dipping Sauce for the added punch. I didn’t think that curry and pumpkin would go so well until I tried Ding Dong’s Curried Pumpkin Soup, Crayfish, Grilled Pumpkin ().Curry masked the overwhelming sweetness of pumpkin as such created a more savoury soup.Next is the Baby Octopus () coated with Golden Fragrant Sauce and Curry Leaf that resemble salted egg flavour.Chicken Lor Bak () with 5-Spice Sauce and Orange Marmalade is another dish that I love.Moving to the Sharing Plates, we tried a total of 5 items.First is the tender Thai Grilled Pork Collar ().


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