When Writing A Thesis Paragraph You Should Avoid

High Schools already have dedicated lessons to Shakespeare.

Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet are read all around the world on a daily basis. Also, claiming that simply reading Shakespeare in schools will make students smarter. Reading something has never made someone 100% smarter.

It summarizes your topic in a striking and unambiguous statement that you or your readers can refer to in the future.

Examples: Here are two strong thesis statement examples for essays: Let’s take a look at this thesis.

Your stance on the topic is that American children should study Shakespeare. Because the language used in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets helps developing minds grow healthy and strong.

Your job from now on, using this thesis would be to gather resources and prove your statement to be true using arguments.Let’s move on with our list of good thesis statement examples; here is a second one: Now, this thesis consists of two sentences.The first sentence lets readers see your stance on the subject – adults in a given age group aren’t drinking enough water.If your reader were to scan the first paragraph of your essay (where the thesis ought to be) they’d be able to easily pick it out from the rest of the text.A bad example of the same thesis would be: Students should read Shakespeare because it will make them smarter. It’s unfocused, it doesn’t have any details and states the blatantly obvious.Which is to discuss the pros or cons of something within something.If you pick a subject that is too big or way too complicated you risk missing out on important details in your research that will eventually discredit not only the thesis but your entire paper. The thesis should always be positioned within the first paragraph, if possible at the end.Here is a bad example of the same thesis: Humans should drink more water because water prevents disease and due to popular research it’s known that adults don’t drink enough water.First off, never write humans as a general term in your essays.A thesis is prevalent in journalism and even advertising.Without one, your arguments fall flat and have nothing to latch on to – resulting in a poorly structured text without much substance.


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