What To Write In A Personal Statement For A Scholarship

Another requirement might include a page or word cap for the essay word counts (e.g., 1000 words max.).

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Probably not what I would actually say out loud in a real interview, but you get the point.

Fortunately, you have a bit more time to prepare a personal statement and your elevator pitch–you’re not on the spot.

Now, when I say ask, I don’t mean turn to your locker partner and say, “hey, should I write about that time that Susie dumped her strawberry milk on me in 10th grade and ruined my white jeans–that was embarrassing…”.

Try talking to a teacher or your school counselor instead.

Ask them if they have any stories that would be helpful, or what they think sets you apart from other applicants.

You might be surprised to hear what they have to say.Purdue Owl’s number one piece of advice for personal statement writing is to answer the question!It may seem like common sense, but if you’re given a topic, stick to it as best you can.You’ll be able to gauge how much “space” you still have left to get out everything you want to say.Or, if you find yourself rambling about one topic for too long, you will know where to shave words/sentences to fit the rest of your points.If you don’t have anyone around to proofread for you, and the application is due in 15 minutes, try reading it out loud.Reading your writing aloud helps identify places where you might need commas or where you skipped or misused a word.If you need to do a bit of research, by all means, go for it.You want to know your stuff if you’re going to be writing about it. For essays or scholarships that ask you questions like “why do you want to go to our college” or “why do you deserve this scholarship,” stick to what you know and be yourself.If you are writing a personal statement for a scholarship or college admissions, explain the things that may not match up or make sense when paired together.For example, if you really struggled freshman and sophomore year and failed a few classes, you probably don’t have a 4.0 GPA. So, when someone is looking through your materials (e.g., transcript, test scores, etc.) they might be confused by the discrepant data.


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