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Rachel Estrabo, Grade 4, Queen of Peace I always laugh when people zap themselves on the tongue.Carson Mc Nally, Grade 4, Queen of Peace My mom’s dying duck hiccups make me laugh every time.

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To add, humor in a weird and wonderful way makes things memorable. For instance, a person can recall a time when his friend was viciously harassed by a chicken.

Something that always makes me laugh is when people laugh too hard and food comes out their noses.

Furthermore, laughter is quite important, it is associated with good health and wellbeing, and it is truly the best medicine and its benefits are far-ranging.

It is estimate, according to UNICEF an average adult laughs about fifteen times a day, and an average child Humor eases one’s troubles, it has the ability to make one forget about those difficulties and relax.

Additionally, laughter does not only enhance one’s immune system, it also has other physical benefits. Have you ever wondered why advertisers spend millions of dollars and countless amounts of hours trying to come up with humorous ads?

It is because humor works greatly to their advantage.So the next time you would like to forget about the problems in your life, I propose you find laughter, because laughter cheers one up when life looks grim.Once you laugh you will the tension, and stress drain out at you laugh.Noah Carpenter, Grade 4, Queen of Peace Something that makes me laugh is my brother’s lizard impression.Tessa Salterello, Grade 4, Queen of Peace I always laugh at a funny Filipino guy named Mikey Bustos.Robert Stone, Grade 4, Queen of Peace Seeing a squirrel water skiing on You Tube.Jackson Mucken, Grade 5, Queen of Peace When someone makes a super weird face at a super random time it makes me laugh.Laughter also has other health benefits such as boosting one’s immune system.A healthier immune system means an overall healthier individual. A person can find laughter in humorous films, TV sitcoms, or friends’ anecdotes. People laugh at different kinds of things, for different reasons.


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