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Thesis is all about a single scholarly statement and sometimes perhaps it’s summary.The existence of a thesis opens up lines of inquiry into an infinite number of speculative possibilities as the anti-theses.From there onwards, the early Greek word mutated into ‘thesis’ which in Greek meant “to put forth something” like “a proposal”.

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The research paper will usually, if not always, consist of the central thesis question.

There are usually two kinds of research papers, one of them being qualitative and the other quantitative.

The ‘hypothesis’ led to the central statement of the scholarly argument.

This central theme or statement of a scholarly argument today is popularly known as the ‘thesis’.

Although there are a number of anti-foundational theories that run against the grain of the classical model, according to the models, the lines of enquiry that open up speculatively as anti-theses should not be nullified as a means to a deterministic end.

They have great potential for opening up new vistas of discovery and horizons of new knowledge based on completely new paradigms.The thesis and the research paper are two of the most popular kinds.The etymology of thesis dates back to the Greek word which means “to place.” This early definition was concerned with topographical and locative origins with an intentional infinitive that indicated “putting forth” of something in a pre-defined place.Some of these are major differences while the rest are more nuanced or subtle.The differences delineated here are from the European Enlightenment Classicist strain of thought.There are even alternative discourses that go into the creation of new knowledge in mode and structure quite different to the dominant research paradigm.The reason that most of the students fail to write quality thesis paper or pro level dissertation is their misconception about different academic assignments.It is around the thesis that all other statements and evidence revolve to prove its validity.The word ‘dissertation’ is derived from the Latin word dissertātiō which means ‘path’.The term, ‘research’, is concerned with the repetition of search (re-search).Repetitive searches in various directions to prove the central thesis question is generally known as ‘research’.


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