What Are Tiered Assignments

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She tunes into student strengths to determine grouping.

To show understanding of types of dinosaurs, she may have one tier make a chart, another sort by key characteristics, and a third rank according to their time on earth.

Teachers tier learning so students are working at different levels of the same task, some more difficult and challenging than others.

All students work on, explore, investigate, and learn the same basic material but on differing levels, or tiers.

Higher levels, like analyzing and synthesizing, are given to higher tiers.

In our dinosaur example above, lower tier levels simply listed theories, while higher levels applied their research, analyzing, and synthesizing.

Hazel makes sure the resources she uses are on level for each student.

When researching on dinosaur extinction, she provided a variety of books on differing levels, so each student was able to read.

For the dinosaur assignment, she may have students in tier one create a brochure telling why dinosaurs are extinct, tier two may design an imaginary interview with a dinosaur, and tier three debate reasons for extinction.

Each level has a task they are able to complete that is more complex, not more work.


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