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He decided to continue with my training and sailed a star-ship over to planet Vancouver where he enrolled in the Film program at the Emily Carr temple on the island of Granville.

After two years there, he jumped to hyper-space and back to Victoria for the summer season where he took a temporary course at the UVic temple called WRIT 320.

From Canberra, Australia, he moved to Canada two years ago to study at UVic and has loved every minute of his time there.

Originally hoping to pursue sports journalism, classes such as writing 320 and productions like Devin Stark has been called (albeit only whispered once or twice) a modern-day renaissance man.

Once 12 years of schooling with non-artmakingly gifted beings was complete, he further expanded his uses in the power of art by attending The Camosun temple (or college) on the planet of Victoria.

He completed two years of the Visual Arts program there, and was trained by Jedi Masters in a plethora of art mediums, including the sacred technique of “film-making”.Nathan is a third year writing student originally hailing from Quadra Island.He splits his time between Creative Non-Fiction and Drama focuses along with Bartending, sports and other “character-rich” past times.He likes film because it is a good way of conveying knowledge/understandings to a broad audience – film deals with perspectives and in viewing them we are able to see our world for what it is.The Department of Writing began its MFA program in September, 2008.Kelly Bouchard was one of the coolest things he’s ever done in school. My foray into film-making began with screenwriting but ended when I discovered the process to retraining and when I entered University in 2003.On set Kelly wore jean shorts cut off so high you could see the pockets. It wasn’t until my final year of University, when I became a Film Studies Minor, that I got back into film the way I did when Colleen currently attends the University of Victoria, British Columbia, pursuing a Ph D in Curriculum & Instruction.Born and raised in Vancouver, she moved over to the Island for post-secondary.Ella was in charge of the publicity and costumes for Connor Gaston loves clams but hates clam chowder. Gaston’s directorial debut garnered him the award for Best Director at the University of Victoria’s Sunscreen Film Festival for his short film Instructor Daniel Hogg has been writing, directing, and producing short films for over a decade, and mentoring film students for the past seven years. follow me on Twitter Follow @devstark Christopher J Starr Chris was born on a hospital bed in the small farm town named Turtleford, in Saskatchewan.Now he’s almost a fourth year student of Writing and Environmental Studies.


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