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Use these phrases ( is a nice transition from the discussion into the closing section.

It gives the hint that you’re wrapping things up and leading the reader towards a logical closure.

On the other hand Il faut maintenant s’interroger sur…..

Putting the other view point: En revanche On the other hand De l’autre côté…. Examinons les origines du problème ainsi que les solutions Let’s look at the origins of the problem as well as the solutions On peut noter que….

When you’re elaborating on a single argument, but making another point and keeping it in the same paragraph, you can feel free to start those sentences with one of these words.

When you use academic or scientific resources in your paper, the language is quite complex.If you don't speak any French, be reassured; here's the good news!Lots of people in France speak English, specially young people, and people working in tourism in Paris and the main holiday regions. nous permettra de mieux comprendre ……will allow us to better undertand……. Conclusions: En dernière analyse In the final analysis Quelles conclusions tirer de cette analyse? Other useful phrases: On peut avancer plusieurs arguments différents One can put forward several different arguments. on the one hand …the other hand Les premiers……, les seconds…… Giving examples / introducing sources: Il suffit de prendre pour exemple… Personally A mon avis in my opinion Je soutiens que… I am of the opinion that Selon moi According to Il/elle prétend que…. ….attire notre attention …..draws our attention to …. This question has long been at the heart of the debate on…. Cette question est depuis longtemps au coeur du débat sur…. The quotes from those papers are written in much more “advanced” tone than the one you’re used to using.To make them fit in the rest of the paper, you’ll need to discuss these complex points in a simpler way, which would help the reader understand the issue.


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