Typography Assignment

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David Carson fourth image in my portfolio: Showing layered text and built up to incorporate David Carson’s style utilizing the whole canvas and also dragging back the elements to the left hand side because of eye co-ordination incorporating text in to the image in one area to develop from M2 process.

Also adding the word ‘Music’ around most of the canvas to show the eye co-ordination of decoding a image again negative space shown to highlight the images within the text show elements which are known and stretched leading and kerning in most areas to utilize the eye decoding.

Si Scott first image in portfolio: M2 Unit 41: My own developmental work, which would be, consider in the final production of work for a final piece.

Using a lot of negative space to enhance the text and effect type using manipulated leading and kerning to suit the liquify tool to fit the vines and swirls of the flowers to enhance how Si Scott works.

I have then used the Liquify tool on Photoshop to add the swirl and the curve motion to what Si Scott uses to incorporate the flowers.

David Carson Design Firstly I opened a Photoshop file and then used Glowing Edges in the Artistic brush section for the effect on the text and type for David Carson inspiration.Then I have opened Illustrator and transferred the Photoshop file in to there to add Vector designs to this Typographic piece.I have also live traced this piece to fill and render more to fit the piece.Tails on the R, counters in the O and also showing bowls around the O, hairline in the A crossbar on the A, arms and legs. The design also reflects the terminology of the text and also the floral effect and marble affects which I also find interesting.Also how things center to the right of canvas because of the text layout which makes you decode it and use eye control.Also using the magic tool on Illustrator to select and merge the images as one in live trace building up the design and text using terminology of text.Si Scott design I firstly opened a new document in Illustrator and then downloaded some Vectors off some vectors that matched Si Scotts work and way of working I am then going to Photoshop my music piece/ text and incorporate the text and images together to cover M3 Unit 40, but I will add additions to this later on.Butterfly Illustration vectors which have inspired me from this piece of work it shows the experimentation with texture and various ways of motion it shows motion connecting with my text via the liquify tool and looks like it has been created in this kind of way.The reason this piece is very spacious and open due to the reflection of the negative space is basically because of the centered design with the development of this because it looked content enough as it was.M1: Others work described through terminology Si Scott and David Carson’s text and image pieces: This design shows the bunched up text incorporation of colour which I like, no extended leading or kerning here the canvas of the image shows a surrounded style to what he produces and still takes up the whole canvas to center the image this is because of the reflection on the negative space which supports the legs and arms and stems of the letters inside this piece to make it have understanding and charm but also to visualize imagery through text.This piece of Si Scotts of work shows the true terminology through design such as the Apex on the A stems on the I, T, J.


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