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The introduction of television to Australia in the 1950’s could be said to have had a proportionately similar effect.In today’s world the internet enables people to research, communicate and entertain across the globe at the touch of a computer key.But despite sharing the vulnerabilities of other long-standing media—shrinking audiences, changing consumption patterns, new competition for ad dollars—the television dinosaur has only grown fatter.

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Even local broadcast stations remain highly profitable despite the declining audiences for their core news product, thanks in part to a surge of political spending following the Citizens United decision in 2010.

“For sixty years, television, given massive generational, behavioral, and technological shifts, has managed to change…not so much,” he writes.

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‘The internet is more fatal to the cohesion of the community than television was in its time.’ The widespread availability of the internet has produced a serge in communication in today’s society.

From 2006 to 2012, revenues fell from $49.3 billion to $22.3 billion, according to trade association figures.

The challengers from below included Craigslist, which turned the multibillion-dollar print classified business into a multimillion-dollar online business.

and Heat rather than more traditional teenage fare such as Jackie.

Dr Emma Bond, an expert in childhood and youth studies, said adults ‘need to take our heads out of the sand’ about what is happening to young, impressionable children.

A report released by research firm Child Wise suggests that screens are increasingly turning into electronic babysitters and young people in the UK are spending more time plugged in than ever.

It found that children spend more time in front of a screen in one day than they spend exercising in the entire week.


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