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It is best to consult with your professor to determine the preferred citation style. If you are citing an article from a website, for example, follow the guidelines for articles above. Indicate notes in the text of your paper by using consecutive superscript numbers (as demonstrated below). You can usually refer to an entire website in running text without including it in your reference list, e.g.: "According to its website, the Financial Accounting Standards Board requires ...".

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Annotated bibliography assignments might ask you to These assignments can help you explore research questions, develop disciplinary search skills, reflect on the direction of your research, and select the most relevant sources which prepare you to complete a research project.

offers two different systems of citing: notes-bibliography and author-date. That depends on the discipline for which you are writing.

We know that even with professional assistance, writing formats are still difficult to comprehend, therefore, we offer free Turabian citation maker online that can help you with most source types.

Before we continue with in-text citation examples, it is important to consider that Turabian style, like Chicago, implements two different quoting patterns, depending on subject.“Notes and Bibliography” pattern is recommended for Literature, Arts, and History.

This method should always be used for endnotes; it is the preferred method for footnotes. Place of publication, publisher and date of publication;7. Subsequent footnotes: Method A: Include the author or editor's last name, the title (or an abbreviated title) and the page number cited. If you need to cite a different page of the same work, include the page number. Meyer, Leonard B., Kendall Walton, Albert Hofstadter, Svetlana Alpers, George Kubler, Richard Wolheim, Monroe Beardsley, Seymour Chatman, Ann Banfield, and Hayden White.

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However, superscript numbers are acceptable for footnotes, and many word processing programs can generate footnotes with superscript numbers for you. Compiler, translator or editor (if an editor is listed in addition to an author);4. Page numbers of citation (for footnote or endnote).

Those whose disciplines fall within the realm of the humanities (i.e.

literature, history, or the arts) will typically use what the manual refers to as the notes-bibliography system, which employs the use of footnotes or endnotes that correspond to raised superscript numbers in the text.

The actual note is indented and can occur either as a footnote at the bottom of the page or as an endnote at the end of the paper. Ibid., short for ibidem, means "in the same place." Use ibid. If you need to cite an entire website in your bibliography, include some or all of the following elements, in this order: 1.

To create notes, type the note number followed by a period on the same line as the note itself. Note the different treatment of an editor's name depending on whether the editor takes the place of an author (second example) or is listed in addition to the author (third example). if you cite the same page of the same work in succession without a different reference intervening. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1979. Follow the guidelines for print books, above, but include the collection (if there is one), URL and the date you accessed the material. For periodical (magazine, journal, newspaper, etc.) articles, include some or all of the following elements in your first footnote or endnote and in your bibliography, in this order: 1.


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