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Hence, Cemerlang tuition Center is more focal point on supplying tutoring service for those primary school pupils who live within 15miles from our tuition Centre.Since Cemerlang Tuition Center is located at Setapak which surrounded by family country, our mark market for the service is for those household whose their parents are both working and do non hold free clip to educate or ability to give their kid the extra attending on their survey. They would be given to cognize more about what is our course of study and what we promise to hold their kids to better in their consequences.This is due to the rapid development of Setapak country which consists of divider such as Jalan Genting Klang, Wangsa Maju, Air Panas and so on.

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Through this, pupil will has the wider apprehension of the topic therefore able to get the better of the troubles.

Students are more preferable to travel to a tuition Centre which is comfy, secure and clean alternatively of bad and soiled environment.

She graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman ( UTAR ) and is a Bachelor grade holder signifier Mass Comunication Course.

She has first-class communications accomplishments, good typewriting accomplishments and is able to work with telecommunication system.

This is to do certain that parents are afford to pay for the service we provided.

The chief mark market of Cemerlang Tuition Centre is primary school pupils who aged 7 to 12 old ages old, particularly pupil from SJK ( C ) Lee Rubber which is the nearest primary school from our tuition Centre.

The chief ground that pupils go for tuition is to better their academic public presentation, particularly for those pupil who are non able to catch up with their regular instruction or weak in peculiar topic.

As pupil is larning the same topic from two different topographic points, there will be different position from the topic.

Harmonizing to Department of Statistic of Malaysia, the population of Setapak has been increase continuously over the old ages.

Research shows that the population has reached 900,000 as at 2013 which is about 0.3 % of entire population in Malaysia.


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