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Furthermore, the environment such as social, cultural, economic or political context imposes different expectations towards parenting.

In the end, the parents are forced to parent each child through trial-and-error, like Chua learnt to adjust her parenting style. We all have done something we wish we would have done differently when the matter comes down to parenting.

Only then, children will be able to have a strong foundation to become an independent person who can think out-of-box to thrive in an ever-changing future world. If the children are used to it, like her daughters, it may work.

But I won't be able to take it if you suddenly change into a Tiger mom.

But instead, it's about a bitter clash of cultures, a fleeting taste of glory, and how I was humbled by a thirteen-year-old." Her words well summarize what the book is all about.

My son's views on Tiger Mom and Western moms While I was into the story, my son, an avid reader, also became curious about Tiger Mom.After all, it's not a children's book, and my parenting principle is quite different from that of hers.Having confirmed with his fifth grade homeroom teacher at American School here in New Delhi about the book's appropriateness, I let him borrow my book.Having explained the features of this non-fiction character, we often joked around that I should turn into a Tiger mom when I was too easy on him.When my son voiced his interests in reading the entire book, however, I was bewildered.We only have about 20 years before becoming an adult.But the grown-up's life can be over 40 years or even 60 years.In response to the overwhelming reaction to her essay and the book, Chua made the following comments in her interview with TIME, "Parenting is such a personal topic.Everyone is reacting or in favor of the way they were parented or defending the way they're parenting now. The majority of parenting happens in a domestic sphere, not in a public sphere with deep feelings attached to it.About five years ago upon finding out that my son told his classmate, an adopted Asian child of a respected American family, "you don't even have your real parents," I went pale shouting at my son, "only human trash ( (human trash) was nothing about feeling unwanted or unloved, but it made me feel 'what have I done! I'm too ashamed." In retrospect, calling my son garbage was not about his feeling unloved or my destroying his self-esteem, but a tool to make him realize the gravity of the words that he spit out to outsmart his friend.Even though I didn't forget to have "we need to talk" session, and the phrase (human trash) in Japanese is commonly used and its translation may be closer to the English term "scum," I could have avoided name-calling or resorted to another way of teaching ethics.


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