Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Still, till now there is no the only right answer to this enigmatic question.

Some historians consider such controversial character to be typical for all Americans and state it as a characteristic feature of the nation.

Around this same time, Napoleon Bonaparte, the French leader, proclaimed that because their country was at war with the British, their fleet would attack any ship carrying goods to or from Britain.

These two threats required a response from Jefferson; shipping to and from Britain would have to cease because the French would attack American vessels, and ships could no longer travel around Europe because the British would reclaim their subjects.

His contribution into the development of the USA was immense; he really loved America and tried to do everything for the public good.

He created a political party that united all branches of government, he improved American legislation and tried to set an example for the whole country by his governing at Virginia State, he inspired two political revolutions that changed the life of Americans gently and peacefully and during his retirement he established the University of Virginia.

He kept slaves and meanwhile claimed that “all men are created equal”.

(Jefferson, 1996) Such contradictions caused many disputes among historians who tried to find different explanations.

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