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What are other signs that you’re in a struggling relationship with a thesis?

You may have a relationship with your thesis if you’re learning a lot about yourself in the process of writing it.

The research explores the recycling programs and facilities in Qatar, the governmental and private sector actions toward waste generation and collection, as well as precedent solutions applied around the world.

Furthermore, it includes a survey on recycling to gather and analyze the community’s feedback in order to come up with a solution that aims to change people’s behavior toward waste generation and to promote green lifestyle.

If you feel empty when this struggling relationship is over or you don’t realize what to do with your free time, you have an issue to solve.

You feel grateful for a possibility to push your limits.

The thesis methodology, which is “Make it Personal,” concludes in creating the Green Relationship that aims to change the behavior of individuals and ultimately to reach out to the wider community.

Under the maxim, “Green is not just a color; it is a Lifestyle,” the thesis promotes the use of design to inspire people, designers and manufacturers to consume less and generate less waste in order to save natural resources and the environment.

It’s a limited source that you will never get back.

Once you identify all short-term thesis goals and understand what to accomplish, choose a few important results for each day.


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