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It is connected to a great many literary works by some common themes. Mythology in particular and history in general, has shown us that the right to experiment comes with an equal responsibility to stop and think about what we are doing before we do it.

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But if you question my integrity, well that’s tougher for me to swallow.

I’m questioning whether I want to get involved with someone who was so quick to jump to conclusions without taking the time to gather the facts.

What is lesser known is that Einstein realized the result of his possibly misguided actions...

Here is a short English story with the moral lesson Look before you leap. We find many daily life examples where we don't care to think before taking a decision. We face hard times due to our lack of planning and hasty decisions. In another attempt to reach the water, he slipped and fell into the well.

I made a mad dash back to our spot in the sand to be the first one to the picnic basket—and I promptly dumped the contents into the sand.

My impulsiveness had ruined lunch for the whole family.

It’s up to all of us to guard against allowing our communication habits to deteriorate to the point where they get in the way of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Look Before You Leap Frankenstein is not a literary island, isolated and alone.

Had Victor taken the time to contemplate his actions, he surely would have not created his monster, and he, William, Elizabeth and the rest of his family would have lived in peace.

It is pretty basic knowledge that Albert Einstein worked with the scientists of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to facilitate the splitting of the atom, and consequently the development of the atomic bomb and the modern nuclear weapon.


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