Things Fall Apart Tragic Hero Essay

Okonkwo's hard work ethic brought him success in farming and wrestling.When he was old enough, people gave him some yam seeds.This is a tragic flaw because he took the cowardly way out just like his father would have. Like when the white man came and lured kids into their religion and there was no one to carry on the tribe's traditions.

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This is a position that has been strongly by other readers of the book too. He demonstrates this through his flaws as well as his strengths as portrayed in the book, however, the arrival of colonialist interrupted his growth as a village hero.

Understanding Okonkwo the Hero The main character Okonkwo has been used to portray hard-work, strength and demonstrate the disadvantages of weakness.

He represents what a successful person in Umuofia was considered to be.

He had three wives, had children, was very wealthy, was a powerful man and was made to lead the people of his village.

Okonkwo detested his father because his father was very lazy and very poor.

Furthermore, he was an idle, cowardly and a profligate person, characters which Okonkwo loathed.Okonkwo's tragic flaw was that he was so driven for success that he eventually killed himself.The book was also tragic because the white man came bringing their customs and they took over the Umofian customs.Throughout the book he has proved to be a strong leader.Okonkwo is a strong man and in fact he is the village wrestling champion.The young prisoner grows to adore Okonkwo because of his zeal for life and his principles and philosophies about how a real man should live.However, this love from the boy does not make Okonkwo relent on his quest to prove his leadership skills, because at then end he participates in killing the boy as part his duty as a village leader.The novel mainly concentrates on the family history of Okonkwo as well as his own personal history and how British arrival of missionaries to the Igbo community served to influence the lives of the Igbo during the 19 century (Achebe 145).Thesis Statement Okonkwo has been considered by many as a villain who ends up destroying his village due to his ego and bigger than life character. Okonkwo is a hero, though he has been portrayed in a very negative manner by the author.They brought religion, weapons, and government to Umofian.When Okonkwo went back to Umofia they had already started a school and a government. Okonkwo wanted to fight the white men but nobody else in the tribe was behind him. The local government searched for him and found he hanged himself. I liked the way Chinua Achebe used lots of tragedy to enhance the novel.


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