Thesis On Quality Control Of Milk

Thesis On Quality Control Of Milk-50
In the last decade the New Zealand dairy industry has greatly increased its spray drying capacity in response to the world market demand for spray dried milk products.Powder specifications are becoming increasingly complex and smaller quantities of each product are required as the number of different products grows.By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.

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This took the form of regression equations relating the quality parameters of skim milk powder to the drier operating variables and the composition and physical properties of the skim milk.

The model was then used in the development of a quality control system and also to simulate and evaluate a variety of commercial operating practices.

The value of total bacterial count found was higher than the standard of bacteriological quality of milk.

Somatic Cell count is slightly higher than US standard, but it is in the range of the EU standard.

The drier model was used in the selection, tuning and evaluation of a quality control system based on the SIMPLEX Evolutionary Operation scheme of Spendley et al.

The process of spray drying milk powders presents several control problems.

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This could be achieved by keeping concentrate holding times to a minimum and by using high temperature, short time preheat treatments.

The protein content of the skim milk was found to be the major determinant in the seasonal changes observed in concentrate viscosity, high protein contents giving high viscosities.


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