Thesis On English Language Teaching

more This paper is based on a field study conducted among hundred students of various departments in the Trincomalee Campus (EUSL).

This study is based on a closed-structured questionnaire using random sampling technique following quantitative and informal interview methodology determining the discrepancy between the actual need of the student and the current English curriculum (which is seen as the felt need) so as to aid in material production in order to improve the erudition of English within the Trincomalee Campus premises.

As language learning strategy has been recognized as the important factor in learning a second language (O' Malley & Chamot, 1990; and Oxford, 1990), this study therefore investigated language learning strategies employed by young and adolescent learners of English in Cambodia context.

The data were collected through a questionnaire, developed by Oxford (1990) from 152 students.

This study projects the fact that most of the target audience belong to underprivileged sections of the society and have done their schooling through L1 whereas the medium of instruction of their undergraduate degree programme is in English and these students are not properly armed with language skills to undergo their studies.

The need analysis consists of 100 random samples from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students of all departments as the target audience and this need analysis found out that students’ needs are to develop their skills in speaking and writing flawless English which is not rendered through their present syllabus.

CITE: Undoubtedly, foreign language teaching intends to make students obtain the required competence so as to get the linguistic knowledge needed in a foreign language.

With this respect, a textbook should supply to the users as much as...

The student chapters found in the current volume are derived from research agenda position papers they wrote during their first year in the Ph D program.

The position papers are testament to the high quality of scholarship led by the three core ELT Education faculty.


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