Thesis For Why Zoos Are Bad

So which zoos are actually attempting to save the lives they claim to be? According to David Hancocks, a former zoo director with 30 years’ experience, many zoos that are not affiliated with the AZA do not spend hardly any of their fu...

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Some animals may be endangered and need some protection.

A zoo gives animals protection and can help to increase the animal's population because they have no threat of being killed. My first reason is that the animals often get bored and you can see them walking back in forth in their pens looking for something to do.

Many animals need more room to run around and get rid of some of their energy.

Keeping an animal in a small area can cause the animals to get depressed and stop eating.

Because of that, everyone today has seen, been to, or heard of a zoo at least once in their lifetime. Durham, Charles Kimwele, Godelieve Kranendonk, Emily Otali, Timothy Akugizibwe, J.

However, people are missing valuable information that they need to know about zoos today. There are 2,400 animal enclosures licensed by the U. Department of Agriculture, however only 212 are under strict requirements from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA); keep in mind that those numbers only involve the zoos in the United States (Fravel). Another reason is that the animals need their natural habitat.Zoo keepers try to make the animals feel like their in their natural habitat but a lot of times it's not close enough to the real habitat for the animal to feel at home.Zoos are a premise of captivity for animals that makes them crazy.Imprisoning of animals in small cages housed in poorly managed zoos that fail to meet the necessary standards, averts them from behaving naturally.It is most likely we will always have both animals in zoos as well as animals in the wild and there will always be pros and cons to both.Starting thousands of years ago, zoos attracted large crowds around the world (Fravel). “Signs of Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Chimpanzees.” PLo S ONE 6.6: e19855 (2011) 48 pars. “Critics Question Zoos' Commitment to Conservation.” National Geographic News. “When Babies Don’t Fit Plan, Question for Zoos Is, Now What? A lot of cool animals live in other parts of the world and many people have never seen them in the wild.Seeing those animals in the zoo is the next best thing to seeing them in the wild.


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