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The Unexpected Guest Essay-61
But as the life today has become very costly, any type of guest is not welcomed now.But some uninvited and unexpected guest drops in and makes the life of the host miserable. My mother had to prepare tea for him at that late hour.

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I asked him to wait and informed my father about the man at the door. After finishing the dinner, he continued to talk to my father.

I went to my bed thinking what will happen the next morning; I will have to prepare breakfast for him. He will disturb our all the programmes, we have already chalked out, dur­ing the holidays.

The dark clouds blocked the moon light from hitting the ground.

The small trees around the houses were being illuminated by the faint lights of the lanterns that were put outside. There was a sudden chill in the air, much colder than normal.

Then he moved from the adjourning table and joined the zealous group. The intruder (unexpected guest) could not help expressing his views and observed, “No body is great, I am the greatest one; I will prove it soon”. The fat funny boy with actor’s looks about him; interrupted and romarked. The general remark on his departure was: The cups were emptied. The puzzled reply was, “Our pockets have been picked.

He was an unexpected man and became a party to the discussion. To keep up the discussion, the chap in black Sherwani spoke in and said, “You are wrong.

Though he was like an uninvited guest, we asked him to share coffee.

Guests are pests- at least so I thought when I saw unexpectedly a large number of guests in our house.

Last year in the Pooja holidays a distant uncle visited us. It was quite late at night when he knocked at the door of our house. He told my mother that he was hungry as he had not taken the dinner.

At the gate I saw a stranger, I asked him what is the matter and whom he wanted to meet and who he was He told me that he belonged to the town of my father and his name was Ashok and he wanted to meet my father. My mother started preparing dinner for him and most reluctantly I assisted her in preparing many items.


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