The Holocaust Essay

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You may be interested in reading more recent items on my BLOG on HOLOCAUST, GERMAN, JEWISH, and LGBT TOPICS There is also an entire Series of Essays on being the Child of 2 German Jewish Refugees Below is an article that I wrote in 2007.

I leave it here for historical purposes, but as you can see some of my views have grown since then.

As I got older some of the answers became more evident.

Firstly, where could they go when countries (like the U. Secondly, the German Jews became accustomed to the history of granting and removing civil rights for Jews ever since the French Revolution.

Living in the aftermath of the Holocaust for over sixty years, we all can learn several lessons from what happened so that it does not occur again.

Hitlers basic strategy consisted of creating scapegoats, sub-humans or perpetual enemies, then escalating the discrimination to murder.He saw that it was possible to kill hundreds of soldiers and get away with it.Years later, Kristallnacht was Hitlers way of testing this process to see if he could escalate Jewish discrimination into random killing and finally a planned genocide. Louiss Voyage of the Damned to test the waters to see if any country wanted them. In the summer of 1939 the Jewish passengers of the St.In a way, todays struggle for total equal rights for Americas LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community reminds me of the same pattern.When I was younger all 50 states criminalized same sex love making.The larger question is however, how did Hitler get away with it?The Nazis started off gradually, first by de-humanizing a small fringe or defenseless elements of society.The Nazis began their deconstruction of Western civilization by picking off those groups they knew the mainstream citizenry would not fight to defend.We can only wonder what would have happened if the world started boycotting Nazi Germany in 1933 and not waited until the appeasement talks of 1938?He wanted to see if the world would react negatively to the arrest of 20,000 Jewish men, random murders of Jews, the destruction of hundreds of Synagogues and thousands of Jewish businesses. Hitler then permitted 936 Jews to leave Germany on the S. Louis returned to Europe, and many were doomed to their death after the Nazis conquest expanded.Politicians often attribute the world war and the Holocaust to Neville Chamberlains appeasement of Hitlers annexation of former German speaking regions.


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