The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essays

Like his predecessors, Oedipus and Hamlet, Proctor insists on the truth even if it means his destruction.

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Unable to believe that he was deceived, Deputy Governor Danforth sends for Elizabeth to discover if she supports Proctor’s charge.

She knows that her husband is a proud man who values his good name, so she denies her knowledge of the affair, unaware that in telling her first lie she condemns Proctor as a perjurer.

Sainthood is for the likes of Rebecca, not Proctor.

Yet Proctor refuses to let the court keep his signed confession, for it is hard evidence of a lie.

This collection of essays by Miller reveals the author's thinking, personal peril and despair at that crucial time.

Arthur Asher Miller was an American playwright and essayist.The villagers’ religious beliefs are so suffused with superstition that the villagers readily accept the notion that the girls are bewitched.No one questions the assumption that the girls are under the spell of supernatural forces except Proctor, whose challenge takes the form of oblique dissent, and Rebecca Nurse, who asserts that teenage girls often go through “silly seasons.” When the Reverend Parris discovers the girls cavorting in the forest, it is not surprising that they feign illness as a means of hiding from the accusations of their superstitious elders, for they break terrible taboos.In 1956, summoned before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Miller was cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to name names.The game of golf is one of the oldest of today"s modern sports. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.He was a prominent figure in American literature and cinema for over 61 years, writing a wide variety of plays, including celebrated plays such as The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, All My Sons, and Death of a Salesman, which are still studied and performed worldwide.Miller was often in the public eye, most famously for refusing to g Arthur Asher Miller was an American playwright and essayist.He hesitates to expose the fraudulent proceedings, however; to do so means he must reveal his adulterous affair.When he finally bares his heart to the court, his confession is in vain.In , his exploration of the destruction of freedom by an ignorant and despotic society moved many viewers to anger.The themes were too close to home and, for Miller, ironically prophetic.


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