The Best Strategy For Answering Essay Questions Is

The Best Strategy For Answering Essay Questions Is-89
Generally, you should expect the essays to evaluate you at a higher skill level than the MCQs.

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Let’s cut to the chase: the CMA exam essays can be tricky.

Not because they involve writing, but because you have to take certain steps to score well on them no matter how skilled a writer you are.

When you hear the word “essay,” you might imagine pages and pages of text, but that’s not the case with CMA essays.

Instead, you can respond to the essay questions with short statements or bulleted lists.

As the first CMA review provider, Gleim has been helping candidates pass the exam for nearly 40 years, so we know what you must do to succeed on the essays.

Here are seven tips to help you maximize your score on the essay portion of the CMA exam.

Subject matter experts grade the essays, and they only score responses that are relevant to the question being asked.

If the response is admissible, they appraise it for the following qualities: a) Use of standard English – response includes proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Facing the essays is an inevitable part of passing the CMA exam, so you must master them during your studies by following these seven essential CMA essay study tips.

Once you review them, learn even more about acing the CMA exam essays by watching this informative webinar.


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