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With the onset of modern day technology, individuals are now in a better position to communicate easily with others despite their busy schedules, regardless of where they are or what they may be doing at that particular time.This habit of texting while driving has been perceived by majority of individuals and authorities as being dangerous (Mc Cartt 1).

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On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of texting while driving is because of its sole reason of creating a distraction for that particular individual thus making them not to pay full attention to the road ahead or the various road signs along the way (Beede & Kass 417). To begin with, it has been observed from recent studies that have been conducted that majority of American citizens are in complete agreement that texting while one is driving should be banned as it is the leading cause of numerous road accidents that could have been avoided (Ishigami & Klein 159).

An example is given of an individual who was on his way to Seattle and happened to take his eyes off the road in order to scan an email on his mobile phone (Mc Cartt 5).

Other than the concerns being raised by employers across the globe, the long-term damage that text language could inflict upon English remains for the most part yet to be seen.

It is, however, undeniable that the presence of text language, for all its minor benefits, is leading to a more lazy approach to correspondence, especially among younger generations.As much as majority of American individuals and the rest of the world may agree that texting while driving is not only distracting but also dangerous, there are a few individuals who may argue that texting while driving should be made legal.When SMS, also known as Short Message Service was introduced in the cellular phone industry, it immediately became evident that it should be considered as a danger as far as road safety is concerned (Mc Cartt 3).One could argue that such fears are founded upon mere parochialism among the middle class, yet the evidence to suggest that text language is having a detrimental impact upon English is highly compelling.Journalists across the globe have condemned the casual usage of text language in formal mediums such as emails, yet the world only seems to have recently started to take notice.From recent studies that have been conducted, it has been revealed that approximately 9 out of 10 American citizens aged between 18 years and 36 years hold the same belief that texting while driving is distracting as well as risky (Beede & Kass 415).In addition, approximately 66% of American adults have been observed to email or read text messages from their mobile phones while driving to their various destinations.Such prospective applicants seem therefore poorly educated, lazy, and unprofessional.Needless to say, in most cases such applications are thrown in the bin and never thought of again. K.'s online Daily Mail [2] claimed in an article that this casual, lazy usage of text language outside of the world of mobile phones is becoming something of a contagious disease.Could it be that the prevalence of text language is leading not only to poor spelling but also to the death of the English language as we know it?It is a recognized fact, of course, that text language can be a quick and efficient method of communicating with one another in an informal environment.


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