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Young children are affirmed and their hearts remain open to God when they hear words about their parents’ and God’s love for them daily.As our daughters grew older, my wife and I looked for ways to continue blessing them.Then every morning after listening to this song, my wife or I would park in front of their school, turn around, take their hands and pray over them and their day.

Parents can sing a blessing to young children, even if their children don’t understand all that’s being said.

When our girls were between the ages of 2 and 6, my wife and I would sing a song that we made especially for them.

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Then he had rolled his eyes before handing it back to me. And while I did skip my teacher’s instruction to include footnotes, he made it clear that I was a loser. When I did, she reached across the table and took my hand.

My mother was a rheumatoid arthritic, and her hands were twisted and bent. She said, “John, you should have woken me up, and I could have helped you with the footnotes.” When I dropped my head again, she continued, “I don’t care what your teacher said or wrote.This individualized, quick prayer included for them that day.Before they left the car, they knew our love went with them.I’ll never forget sitting at her old kitchen table with my head down, waiting for what I expected would come next: She would echo the words of others: “Why can’t you do as well as your brother? ” That day, my teacher said even more than that with his actions.He had held my senior term paper as if it were covered in mold. That wasn’t my first D, but I’d worked really hard on that paper. “John, look at me.” She had already read my twin brother’s term paper — for which he had earned an A, as always. I raised my head, just enough for my eyes to meet hers.She got tired and was frustrated with me at times, but I never doubted her love or commitment to me.Would you like to change the lives of your children?If so, be a part of The Blessing Challenge — that’s one million parents choosing to change the lives of children, one child at a time, by taking a simple, yet powerful first step: writing down and reading a blessing to their children.Share your story of affirmation or find out more about this challenge at The John Trent is the president of Strong Families, an organization committed to strengthening family relationships. It started: “Good morning, good morning, how are you today?The Lord bless you and keep you throughout the day.” The song was simple, but it helped our children start each day with words that spoke of our love and God’s love for them.


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