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Very often I use the famous quote of David Tyson that goes, “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable”.Friendship starts when you know what the person next to you is going to say.A controversial piece of content will be far more interesting to read for the examiner, and the chances of a higher grade given to you will be increased.

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A famous philosopher Euripides once said, “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness”.

The presence of friends makes our life worthwhile but it is really difficult to write a good friend who will be with us in all the circumstances of life. Friendship is essential for the successful wellbeing of every person.

When you are bounded by true friendship you won’t mind the distance!

You can always join such friendship networks like My Space or Facebook and be sure that you can always stay in touch with your dear friends!

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There are two major forms of abortion: spontaneous, which is often referred to as a miscarriage or the purposeful abortion, which is often induced abortion. Most people across the world think that racism is a topic that is non-existent.If you have at least one true friend you may consider yourself to be the luckiest person on the Earth!However, the best way to know what the friendship is – is to become a good friend yourself!Friendship is one of the most important and valuable things in our life. It is based on the simple rules of trust and honesty.A true friend is a person you can always count on when you face challenges and serious problems.Sometimes it’s enough to just hold a hand and everything becomes clear without words.In the hour of desperation and sadness a true friend will stand by your side whenever you need him/her.You can always tell your trusted friend your flaws and be sure that your revelations are safe.A good friend is always loyal to you and never lets you down.Life is unpredictable and we never know what may happen tomorrow.I’ve a lot of friends but only few of them are real.


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