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Discoveries are therefore usually presented in the form of formal papers and published in journals.You must be comfortable with this communication format if you are to conduct research. Ask yourself "will the reader know everything that happened?

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Scientific Reports is accepting submissions from all scientific fields.

For more information, please see the information for authors section of their website.

Modelo de artigo para a revista Physicae Organum, da Universidade de Brasília (Un B).

Template of article for the Physicae Organum journal, of the University of Brasilia.

Research papers have a syntax just as do any other form of communication. Focus on real changes in the environment, not presumed changes in the mental processes of the subject. Readers want to know what variables were manipulated and what happened. Before using an abbreviation introduce the term first, and then consistently use that abbreviation when you use the term. Do not use abbreviations at all in the title or abstract.

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If you put words or ideas out of order when you are talking, then people don't understand you. All professional papers are written according to the latest Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th Ed.) The word “datum” is singular and the word “data” is plural. Number all pages in consecutive order beginning with the Title page. The commentary within the boxes discusses the section on the page following it; that way you can get commentary as well as a feel for how the paper should appear.This is the Overleaf template for Political Analysis, which you can use to prepare your submissions to the journal.Once you've written your article using the Overleaf template, you can also submit directly to the journal using the journal submission link on the template page.A template for typesetting exam papers for courses in the School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh.The template conforms to the guidelines for setting out exam papers with or without marking schemes given by the Engineering Teaching Organisation.The following list of questions step you through the major issues which must be addressed in a research paper.After each question is answered the construction of the research paper is simply developing transitions between the items.You cannot rediscover all the knowledge in the field of psychology for yourself.You will need to utilize the thousands of man years of hard work and thinking already provided by people in the field if you are going to contribute meaningfully or if you wish to be an ethical purveyor of psychology.Type the first two or three words of your title in the upper right hand corner, 2 cm down. Place the page number on the same line but typed to the far right.


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