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Considering the wide range of applications of computer technology, it is necessary for each one of us to be computer-friendly.Considering the advantages of the Internet technology, it is important for each of us to gain basic knowledge of Internet access and web research.

With technological aids, they can make easy-to-remember notes and a creative presentation of the information they have acquired.

It won't be wrong to say that application of technology has made a student's life easy.

These teaching aids have led to improvements in student attendance and their attentiveness in class.

Interactive media have proven to be useful in increasing students' concentration levels. Students can use much more than just pen and paper to express themselves or present what they have learned.

All a web user needs to do is to key in queries to search engines.

Users are presented with thousands of search results. Online education and distance learning have given a new dimension to education and higher learning.

Several mundane manual tasks can be automated, thanks to technology.

Also, many complex and critical processes can be carried out with ease and greater efficiency with the help of modern technology.

With plethora of information so easily available to students, they can be a part of the process; they don't need to remain at the receiving end.

Owing to the use of technology, subject experts can come together to formulate courses, design assessments, and better the process of teaching.


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