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Opening and closing the message will update this information in the task list: Some other limitations due to the type of your configuration can be found in the Restrictions of MS Outlook Within Work With Tasks article.If you are using Google Apps, the delegating of tasks won't work because of incorrect communication between Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook.In the case of other task changes, the owner is not noticed and he has to ask the solver of the task.

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e Way-CRM don't work correctly in the case you assign the task to multiple persons.

New owner (the sender of the task message) is highlighted in red but you need to open the message in a window to update the owner information in the delegator's list.

However, the formulated problem is a mixed-integer non-linear program (MINLP) that is difficult to solve.

To tackle this challenge, we propose an efficient algorithm by first relaxing the original problem into a convex one, and then constructing a suboptimal task assignment solution based on the obtained optimal one.

The Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list check-box ensures that the owner of the task will see the task in its updated status.

The owner is not informed about the change he need to go to the task list to notice it.You also have the possibility to assign a task dynamically to the process initiator.Let's imagine that the initiator sends the initial form and, after its evaluation, the Appover asks for certain changes to be made or he/she requests for further information.Fill Company, Contact and Superior Item Names Into Outlook's Task User Fields function can caused that you will receive more than one notification e-mail.Tasks can be assigned to multiple persons but it is not recommended in the case that tasks are related with the items in e Way-CRM. Assigning task and delegation of responsibility are the standard operation in Outlook, but it is necessary to know that you can lost supervision over the task you assign to some of your employees.Task is a task of the assigned person and owner has only possibility to look at the task and check the changes if there were some, but this have to be done by his initiative.e Way-CRM understands assigning to multiple persons as logically incorrect status.The supervision over the task is lost - one task should have only one solver.Next, we consider a benchmark scheme that endows the WDs with their maximum computation capacities.To further reduce the implementation complexity, we also develop a heuristic scheme based on the greedy task assignment.


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