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By giving a look at students values, Harvard admissions staff decides whether or not the school is a good fit for that particular student.

Harvard University, perhaps the most prestigious and well-known institution in the world, is the nation’s oldest higher learning establishment with a founding date of 1636.

Boasting an impressive alumni network from Sheryl Sandberg to Al Gore, it’s no surprise that Harvard recruits some of the top talents in the world.

In both cases, school students need to experiment with college essay structure and original content.

At Harvard, admitted applicants used to make stories about hard challenges they had handled in their life (e.g., cancer).

With such daunting numbers, it’s no wonder that students are often intimidated by Harvard’s extremely open-ended supplemental essay.

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However, College Vine is here to help and offer our guide on how to tackle Harvard’s supplemental essays.Positive school grades, a deep commitment to community, family support, and hidden talents are not enough to get enrolled into elite college today.Harvard and other institutions value admission essay more than any other document like school diploma or job resume.You can upload your successful school or college essay here to get some bonuses.Despite you might think that “father” and “mother” sound too trivial for places like Harvard, these English words characterize parents in every second successful college admissions essay.It is important to write about any situation that changed the student's or his family life.Once again, school students who are taking risks with the college essay content and the structure are likely to achieve success in Harvard and other universities.Help yourself to win several best offers with one strong and impressive essay.Every university views admissions essay of admitted students as a reflection of the community and public needs.Both students were admitted to several top institutions. You may make a story out of your lost credit card as a separate essay section.One of the common questions about Harvard college essay is whether applicants should take a risk with their structure or content.


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