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These study plans have to be formed early in their college experience so that they have time to test them and make needed adjustments where necessary.

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The strategies I use in my life have helped me to build a sense of personal responsibility, self-management, self-esteem and positive attitude.

The first strategy I plan to continue applying in my life is a sense of self-motivation.

I must do what I could so as to make sure that my work domains and endeavors are sustained over a period of time.

Therefore I am one of those individuals who would want to be actively related with the conducting of tasks and operations which are for the collective good of the other students present within the college and thus make my point clear.......There is a definite connection between attaining success in one’s college studies and taking personal responsibility for one’s study habits.A student cannot achieve academic success as part of a group or by holding another person to be responsible for his or her academic achievements.Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Education Personal responsibility appears to be an important issue when it comes to college education.The awareness of personal responsibility distinguishes a mature adult.....personal responsibility in students, as well as some of the strategies they may use to improve their chances of achieving success in their various field of study.Self motivation is outlined by Covey (120) , as one of the......Personal Philosophy of Success Success is the dream of every college student.Success in my perspective is defined by the satisfaction of life.Excellent grades are not something that any student just stumbles upon.They are achieved after calculated efforts are made by a student to achieve them.It is the onus of every student to ensure they come up with the best plans and strategies, so they can guarantee their academic success.For a student to come up with these strategies, it is imperative they put into consideration first several factors, have the strategies they want to use been used before in similar circumstances? They could also consider the resources in terms of time and academic resources, so they make strategies, which they will be able to...... Personal Responsibility to Nature Living in a country where energy is scare and thus in high demand, oil becomes one of the most ludicrous commodities desired by many—not only by oil companies, but also by peoples in different sectors who can further their self-interests through supporting more oil drilling.


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