Stryker Osteosynthesis Ag

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This feature can be used to capture a fracture segment or to build a frame using completely independent pin placement.

The Ø5mm Rod to Rod Coupling connects Ø5mm rods together or a rod to a post. It can also be added to an assembled frame to help build a more stable construct if needed. Open the catalog to page 2 RELATIVE INDICATIONS The Stryker® External Fixation System is intended to stabilize and provide treatment for fractures of the maxillofacial area, including severe open mandibular fractures, highly comminuted closed fractures, nonunions and delayed unions (especially associated with infection), fractures associated with infections, tumor resections, facial deformity corrections, gunshot wounds, pan facial fractures, burn maintenance, and bone grafting defects.

STEP 8: Before proceeding verify the correct alignment of the frame.

While holding the fracture reduction in place, tighten the Pin to Rod Couplings using the 5mm wrench/Pin inserter. Open the catalog to page 6 Ordering Information – Components Hoffmann® II Compact™ Components For Ø 5mm rods or posts/ Ø 3-4mm pins For Ø 5mm rods or posts Hoffmann® II Compact™ Ø 5mm Rods and Ø 15mm Tube Total Length Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Semi-Circular Curved Rod – Stainless Steel Semi-Circular Curved Rod – Stainless Steel Connecting Connecting Connecting Connecting Connecting Connecting Diameter Thread/Shaft Ordering Information – Hoffmann® II Compact™ Instruments Stabilization/Reduction Wrench Thumbwheel 5mm Wrench/ Ø 3-4mm Pin Driver 5mm Spanner Wrench Storage Case Lid Storage Case Insert...

(3) A Navigated Stryker Cordless Driver with an actual screw was used with a screen projection showing the same virtual screw. AMA Style Satarasinghe P, Hamilton KD, Tarver MJ, Buchanan RJ, Koltz MT.

One hundred and forty-four consecutive screws were inserted using this three-step, navigated driver, virtual screw technique. Only 1 screw needed intraoperative revision after insertion using the three-step, navigated driver, virtual PS technique. One hundred percent of patients had intraoperative CT reconstructed images taken to confirm hardware placement. Pedicle screw placement utilizing the Stryker-Ziehm neuronavigation virtual screw technology with a three step, navigated power drill technique is safe and effective. Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral Pedicle Screw Placement Using Stryker-Ziehm Virtual Screw Technology and Navigated Stryker Cordless Driver 3: Technical Note. We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Open the catalog to page 7 MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY Stryker Trauma AG Bohnackerweg 1 CH-2545 Selzach Switzerland information presented in this brochure is intended to demonstrate a Stryker product.Always refer to the package insert, product label and/or user instructions before using any Stryker product. Product availability is subject to the regulatory or medical practices that govern individual markets.Position and insert the fourth Pin on the same side close to the fracture line.NOTE: Alternatively you can insert a pin on each side furthest from the defect. Connect the two Pin to Rod couplings with the semicircular curved rod.Continue by inserting a pin on each side closest to the fracture line.Place one Pin to Rod Coupling over each Half Pin and keep them at the desired distance from the skin. Open the catalog to page 5 Osteosynthesis STEP 7: Using the Thumbwheel, tighten the connecting Rods at the desired position in clockwise rotation.NOTE: If there is some uncertainty with regard to the anatomic location of the neurovascular structures, for instance due to...Open the catalog to page 4 Following Step 1 – 2, position and insert the third 3mm Apex-Blunt Half Pin on the opposite side and furthest from the defect.


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