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It states that such effects are rarely recorded in laboratory studies of the stroop task of the emotion.Participants named the color of the emotion and words that are neutral.This comes from the ability of several parts of the brain nearly getting simulated at the same time and causing confusions, as supported by some experiments on Stroop effect that produced similar interferences as well even though the tests did not use a combination of colors and words in a single language but other symbols such as numbers and shapes, as well as words from other languages (Mac Leod, 1991; Stroop, 1935; Tzelgov, et al., 1992).

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Numerical Stroop effect was tested in a sample population of mixed genders and ages (n=121, males=32 and females=89, age range=15-47 years).

Independent variable is the four categories of tests, while the dependent variable was the response times of the participants, measured in seconds.

In this experiment, Stroop sought to find out how long it will take an individual to read the names of a color in comparison to saying the color those names are printed in (Styles 64). Instead of addressing the specifics of information, the mind is able to recognise certain bits of information even without having to processes the information in a specific way.

To do this, names of various colors were printed in other colors, for instance red was printed in the green ink, yellow in the blue ink, green in purple ink and so on. "A rational look at the emotional stroop phenomenon: a generic slowdown, not a stroop effect". A good example is the eye which in most cases only scans the general information in the environment.

The original stroop test is about the Stroop effect.

The stroop effect concerns itself with the time that an individual has when it comes to solving a test.

Experts in the field of Attention theory have argued for modern theories to be researched for and accepted.

This test, in such an environment, is significant, since it pushes for a theory that has already been proved and in the process, proves it all over again, thereby ensuring a firm ground for other 5 theories to be built that have the Stroop effect and other theories of the Attention theory as a prerequisite for existence.

Color performance is sluggish with words of emotion as compared to neutral words, which is the emotional stroop effect.

The author states that emotional stroop effect is not sensitive to the order where the two word groups are presented, in that the...


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