Stanford Application Essays

I like the stress on busy days like this as much as I enjoy the relaxed days where nurses can finally sit down.

The physical and mental strength of a labor and delivery nurse will always be something I respect after working as a family birth center volunteer at the Methodist Hospital.

It would be an honor to work as a doctor alongside these professionals one day.

Many citizens resort to stereotypes and generalizations when speaking about others.

The Internet, and especially social media, makes it easier than ever to absorb a set of beliefs without encountering criticism.

If citizens left their bubbles more often, eliminating discrimination and prejudice would be a much easier proposition.

Chemistry was the first science class that challenged me to visualize abstract concepts on a completely new scale while incorporating the problem solving and logical deduction that I loved from math. Rather than following a list of directions, I brought theory to life by testing the properties of chemical reactions.

Science was no longer about memorizing facts; it became discovery and application.

At the end of freshman year, I enrolled in AP Chemistry.

I didn’t think much of it; I was used to picking the hardest classes on the list.


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