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“With this insight the individual sees that others also share these troubles, and that the solution is not to struggle individually, but to join forces with those who also share his experiences” (Mills, 1959, p.8).This quote is stating that individuals realized that other individuals were also going threw their same private issue and they believed in working in groups to help fix the trouble instead of solving it individually. Wright, Mills is saying in his essay on how individuals shouldn’t struggle individually to solve their troubles how they should join in with others who also share the same experiences.

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In this sense, using a sociological imagination lets you look at yourself and your culture as a third-party observer.

When we understand historical and social contexts, we’re better equipped to look at our actions and the actions of our community as a result of systems—which can be changed—rather than as inherent to humanity.

In more technical terms, Mills was challenging the dominant structural functionalist approach to sociology.

This is a way to address the problem called “ The public issues of social structure” (Mills, 1959, p.8).

My thoughts are that problems that individuals are going through can most definitely be linked to general public issue, others may be going through the same problem as well.


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