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As a strong supporter of individualism Spencer maintained that “the economic system works best if each individual is allowed to seek his own private interests and that consequently the state should not intervene in the economy.

Spencer who championed the ideology of Social Darwinism also became a very strong advocate of individualism and laissez-faire politics.

This theory “had racial overtones with the belief that some races, being innately superior, were bound to triumph over inferior ones.3.

The principle of the “survival of the fittest” indirectly supports the status quo, inactivity and idleness.

As such, it could always be used to justify the status quo, beginning with racial and other forms of social oppression and imperialism. In the circle of social theorists, the theory of Social Darwinism, exists only pejoratively,8.

Volume 1 of a three volume collection of Spencer’s essays which cover political philosophy, sociology, science, and current affairs. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

The theory does not take into account an enormous increase in the population especially in the Asian nations like India, China, Bangladesh and the like.

In these nations, we find a large number of people being born in the category of poor, and the labour class.

It is for this reason that the state should do nothing to relieve the conditions of poor, whom Spencer assumed to be “less fit.” By less fit, Spencer meant less healthy and less intelligent than the social norm.

According to Spencer, stupid persons, people with vices and idleness, people who become victims of sickness and deformity and such other persons belong to the category of less fit.


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