Six Step Problem Solving

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One way we can keep ourselves from falling into this trap is by having a formal (SPS) process in place.

Describe the Current Situation We do this by examining data that is readily available.

In our hardmask example, we would collect batch data to identify the specific batches with the elevated defects and then study this data to see what they have in common.

After my manager gave me “the talk” I described above, I went on to becoming one of Wells Fargo’s (and the nation’s) top mortgage bankers for several years running by using the “big problems have small solutions” system repeatedly. But as my colleague Mike shared, this isn’t the case.

Speaking of Mike, I’d like to give a public thanks to Mike Evans for stepping in and getting me off the dime in April of 2000 (and helping the many who came after me with the same type of advice).

At this point, there should be no mention of suspected causes or possible solutions. A good problem statement might look something like this: “High (greater than 8 ppb) trace metals in one of our hardmask products are causing unacceptably high defect counts with our most important customer.

We will lose this business if we cannot correct the problem by the end of the year.” 2.

I started making some inroads, built some key relationships, and felt that I was ready to join an organization with a nationwide banking presence, so I made the decision to join Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I walked in the front door smiling from ear to ear. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to get after it at my new company. A mere two weeks later would find me sitting behind my desk at a.m. It was my birthday, but that didn’t really matter with the way I was feeling.

I knew (or thought I knew) that I had made the right decision to change companies, but I was overwhelmed by… The new company was just so big, and their systems were so different from anything I was familiar with, and their benefits were great but there were so many to choose from, and I had all these clients calling me for loans, but I found myself having no idea how to handle these leads because I had not gotten through all the training yet. So there I was with my face in my hands, totally overwhelmed and frustrated, when my hiring manager, Mike Evans, walks by with a smile on his face and pokes his head in the door to say, “Good morning.” He took one look at me and knew that something wasn’t right, so he asked me how I was doing.


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