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According to the Ceremony, the word story refers to factors that contribute to identification of a story.A story can be eitherreal or fictitious, contains realistic situations or fantasy.Therefore, a story provides the narrator or writer with freedom to explore any type of genre around the world.

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The Laguna abhor warfare, and they have developed cleansing rituals for those who have killed.

While Pinkie, Le Roy, Emo, and Harley are lost, Tayo must be purified.

Storytelling is an aspect that happens to human beings because they are capable of using words to pass information amongst individuals and generations.

The concept of storytelling is only possible to humans because the trial of teaching non-human creatures has not been successful.

The novel talks about celebration of unrelated brief ceremonies and this describes why the novel itself is a ceremony.

In the novel’s plots, the author chooses the different ceremonies as they either start or end.

The stories told in novel ceremony about Pueblo culture are real stories that exist outside the novel context (Walther 3).

In Ceremony, there is narration of different brief stories, which include stories on war told by Harley, Emo among other soldiers.

We also see Old Betonie and Night Swan tell part of their stories as Tayo claims to remember a story that Rocky told him.

Old Betonie claims that, there is a time that Tayo’s aunt distracted him during a part of the story.


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