Sigmund Freud Essay

” asked the editor of a volume called “Freud and the Twentieth Century,” in 1957.

London was Freud’s refuge, and friends set him up in Hampstead, in a big house that is now the Freud Museum.

On January 28, 1939, Virginia and Leonard Woolf came for tea. (After he settled in Hampstead, the BBC taped him speaking, the only such recording in existence.) But he was eighty-two and suffering from cancer of the jaw, and conversation with the Woolfs was awkward.

But many years later, in his autobiography, Leonard remembered that Freud had given him a feeling that, he said, “only a very few people whom I have met gave me, a feeling of great gentleness, but behind the gentleness, great strength. A product of Mitteleuropa, once centered in cities like Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, and Moscow, psychoanalysis was thus improbably transformed into a largely Anglo-American medical and cultural phenomenon.

During the twelve years that Hitler was in power, only about fifty Freudian analysts immigrated to the United States (a country Freud had visited only once, and held in contempt).


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