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Once the child can read those words accurately on the first try, move those words over and only study them every other day.After a week of studying them every other day, move them to the twice a week group.(Remember when Pluto was a planet and our mother served us “nine pizzas” instead?

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Others need to look at them, read them and spell them again and again to get them into memory.

If a child hasn’t memorized the age-appropriate sight words, it can make their reading slow, choppy and frustrating.

Some teachers assign sight word study for homework.

For some kids, not a lot of practice is needed to memorize the sight words.

According to research by Edward Fry, creator of the Fry Instant Word list, the 25 of these words make up one third of all printed material.

Some of these words are easy for kids to sound out (like Strong readers have a large vocabulary of words they recognize by sight. Are you sounding out each word or recognizing most of them as whole units?It also may make sense to practice at home because each child is likely to be focusing on a different set of sight words.Have your child write sight words in a shallow tray full of sand or salt, in shaving cream, or on the shower wall with shower paint.The linked video is geared toward medical students, but the idea of the forgetting curve is just as true with kids learning sight words!I’ll post a video soon on how to set up a spaced repetition system for sight words, but here are the big ideas: If you are starting from scratch, pick five words to focus on.20 Questions: Lay out the cards where everyone can see them. ” Encourage the child to move the cards around and eliminate/flip over cards that don’t fit the clues.One person thinks of one of the words, and the other asks questions to figure out which one it is. Mnemonics are memory tricks, like learning the sentence, “My very educated mother just served us nachos” to remember that the planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.You will find; The games and resources are quick and easy to print and prepare, and fun to play!You can purchase and download this fabulous digital sight words game pack now for just US.Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101.More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family.


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