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Even after the final decision was made, your student (and you) worried about classes, the roommate, the social life, and the transition. This time it’s about completing major course work and possibly a thesis, conducting a job search or applying to graduate school, transcripts and references, interviews and resumés and — again — what feels like the most important decision in your student’s life so far: .One big difference this time may be that your college student isn’t living under your roof.But they may still reach out to you for advice or support or just a listening ear.

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They’re going to drive you absolutely crazy some days (weeks), asking about schools and majors and SAT scores.

Remember that they’re trying to sift through their own emotions during this process and only want to see you succeed.

College parents, do you remember your student’s senior year of high school?

The angst over applications and essays and letters of recommendation, and the pressure around what felt like the most important decision in your student’s life so far? Your college senior is in the midst of another year of anxiety.

Focusing too single-mindedly on the next chapter may mean missing opportunities For many students, senior year feels like coming to the edge of a cliff and taking a leap into the unknown.

As parents, we may need to gently help them find ways to navigate this final year so they are poised and ready to make that leap with confidence and joy.

There’s a high likelihood that you’ll experience a dip in your motivation at some point. When scholarships open up in the winter, you will be positively disgusted by essays and questionnaires. Every hour of effort may be rewarded with a nice chunk of money – a whole lot more than minimum wage, that is. These relationships may not last long after graduation, and you want to ensure that you cherish them while they’re still a part of your routine.

There are a lot of kids in school that you’re friends with out of convenience. On the flip side, senior year shouldn’t be bombarded with needless drama; distance yourself from negativity to concentrate on what (and who) really matters.

A certain amount of emotional upheaval during senior year is inevitable, but there are definitely steps you and your student can take (starting now!

) that should alleviate stress for your student and help them prepare for graduation. Begin by reminding your student that, though graduation does loom, they still have the better part of a full year of college yet to enjoy.


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