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And this attitude is rather similar, because the Duke wants to have a woman to full fill his collection of things, and the lover from by Margie Piercy.

And this attitude is rather similar, because the Duke wants to have a woman to full fill his collection of things, and the lover from by Margie Piercy.This metaphoric poem describes the woman’s body as the parts of office equipment.In this case, the author depicts a woman as a working machine that cannot just stop doing all this stuff and start fighting against such unfair treatment at work.

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, women are depicted as playfully hesitant and pure human beings, who are waiting for male call to “sport us while we may” (Meyer 637).

Marvell cries that people do not have much time to enjoy this life to its full extent, and women’s care about their virginities should not prevent both sexes against suffering from lack of love and satisfaction.

This poem is a kind of warning to all women against cajolery that is used by men to bed women.

Andrew Marvell underlines women shyness and modesty that make all women so desirable by men.

Maybe, a fresh look on the old problems helps to realize injustice the vast majority of women face with and to create a world where rich Dukes would take lessons to be able to paint their wives, lovers would appreciate women’s desire to be a virgin, and businessmen would distinguish women and machines, and make the former happier even at working places.

This essay on Feminist Perspective: My Last Duchess, To His Coy Mistress, and The Secretary Chant was written and submitted by user Lexie Barron to help you with your own studies.“Had we but world enough, and time/ This coyness, lady, were no crime/We would sit down, and think which way/ To walk, and pass our long love’s day” (Meyer 636).The male character does not provide a woman with time to think everything over, the only reasonable point he presents is that she has to have sex with him before she dies.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. How would you feel if everyday from 9 to 5 you hear, fix me a cup of coffee, secretary; file these papers, secretary; schedule a meeting, secretary.This piece of the poem proves that a man does not actually care about his loss, his wife’s death, and his grief.The point is that he gets a chance to demonstrate one more object that he owns now and tell about its price and Merge Piercy are the three poems that depict one and the same topic in absolutely different ways: Browning considers women as objects, which call for admiration but still are not worth enough to mention their names, Marvell regards women as a male sexual desire, and Piercy mulls over women as machines, which are ready to perform any function.A dramatic monologue , presented by Robert Browning, opens to the reader a world, where men are eager to take leading positions only, and women have nothing to do but obey them and listen to their orders and words.A woman spends so much time among all those equipment and secretary things that she merges with them and loses her own identity.Modern world makes any person to be strong and self-possessed in order to cope with all challenges.


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