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He remembers walking the girl, then almost 4, to his ex-wife's front door and hugging her."And I said, 'I'll see you next week,' " he recalls.

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was considered a reliable source of news in southern Hungary wine country. Based in Pecs, a cobblestoned university city that once thrived on coal mining, the newspaper's journalists were known for digging into important local issues and holding politicians accountable.

The race to build the next generation of super-fast mobile-data networks has begun in Germany, which started auctioning off its spectrum licenses for 5G on Tuesday. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Tomorrow, Germany begins auctioning frequencies to build 5G mobile networks.

"This is my life," he says, walking into the main cow shed, greeted by moos. My children grew up on it, and now we run it together.

My family has actually farmed this land since back in the mid-1800s." Toner is 50, lanky and welcoming, with reading glasses perpetually propped on his silver hair.

In Germany, the European Union's biggest cheerleader, the upcoming elections for the European Parliament are supposed to inspire unity. Populist parties that rail against immigration, globalist elites and the EU itself are expected to gain seats in the elections. Then-President Bill Clinton received Orban, now one of Europe's most prominent nationalists, in 1998, back when the Hungarian leader was a 35-year-old reformist who had earned his pro-democracy street cred as an anti-Soviet activist.

The United Kingdom already voted on Thursday; Germany and most other EU states will vote on Sunday. ET Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the White House on Monday, his first formal meeting with a U. Orban had helped his country transition out of communism.A few days later, he received a call from an unknown number in Turkey. He told Farooqi he was in Turkey, recovering from injuries sustained while fighting in Syria.He'd brought the whole family to Turkey, including Aaliya.He points to the original 19th-century farmhouse, where his oldest son now lives. Monday The United Kingdom is trying to defuse an escalating standoff with Iran just days before Britain's ruling Conservative Party announces the successor to Theresa May, who is resigning.Some 160,000 members of the Tory Party have until today to return their ballots selecting a new leader.Despite the film's relative obscurity, it does have the distinction of being one of Brendan Fraser's first leading roles, his first dramatic leading role, one of Matt Damon's first leading roles, and the film in which Matt Damon and Ben Affleck met each other.The plot concerns David Greene (Brendan Fraser), whose football skills earn him a scholarship at an extremely prestigious— and unthinkingly conservative— preparatory school in the early 1950s.With differences in religion at the core of this movie, it's heart is in the right place, but sadly it doesn't do the material any justice with director who's previous work was F/X.The boys put in fine performances but sadly the script lacks the depth of what could have been a challenging story.With a bruising send-off from the local leather toughs, star quarterback David Greene (Fraser) goes from being the only Jew in a small Pennsylvania steel town to being the only Jew at an elite New England prep school where he has been recruited by the old guard alumni to prevent a third straight defeat at the hands of their arch-rivals.Encouraged by coach to keep his Judaism to himself, Greene finds himself accepted into the school's illustrious inner circle, then bites his lip and hides his Star of David when his cloistered schoolboy cronies wheel out the Jewish wisecracks.


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